Exiting the EU

The UK voted to Leave the European Union in an historic Referendum on 23rd June, 2016. Whilst, on the basis of the revised terms agreed by David Cameron, Jeremy supported ‘Remain’ in the Referendum campaign, he pledged prior to the vote to honour the outcome of the Referendum and repeated this commitment as prior to the 2017 General Election.  Since the Referendum Jeremy has consistently voted in Parliament in line with this commitment.

When it was brought before the Commons, Jeremy supported the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the United Kingdom with the 27 remaining EU states.  He believes it represents a sensible and pragmatic route to leaving the EU while avoiding damaging economic dislocation.

The Withdrawal Agreement returns sovereignty to the UK: the UK will leave the jurisdiction of the ECJ; Parliament will resume full control of immigration policy, law and regulations in the UK; the UK will take back full control of our fishing waters and agricultural policy and much else besides.

The Agreement also protects the rights of UK citizens resident in the EU; ensures the Ireland/Northern Ireland border remains open; provides an implementation period to help UK businesses and farmers adjust and guarantees no customs, quotas or tariffs will be imposed on our trade with Europe.

Jeremy endeavours to respond to all residents who write to him on this important issue but regular updates on his views on what is a fast-changing situation are posted below.


Current Position Post Friday's Vote

I am deeply upset that having voted yesterday for the third time to deliver Britain’s exit from the European Union, that decision has again been blocked.

Busy at Home and in Westminster

The Brexit saga continues.  Rather than supporting an agreement that has been negotiated with the EU and is deliverable the Commons has voted to run its own process.  There is no guarantee that this will result in an alternative proposition that has consensus support, nor that that this would the

Resolving Brexit

In normal circumstances I would be writing about the Chancellor’s Spring Statement being delivered this week.

Moving Forward on Brexit

Two weeks ago I wrote that whilst the House of Commons had made clear what it did not want as the basis for our Withdrawal from the EU, it had to be prepared to come to a conclusion on what it did!

Brexit Update

On Friday I attended St Mary’s Primary School in Horsham where I was deeply impressed by not only the questions but the topics covered –including Financial Inclusion, Gatwick and Autism.  As always when visiting schools I emphasised that parliament was about debate and persuasion and that where d

The EU Withdrawal Agreement

Honouring the result of the Referendum we will leave the EU on 29th March 2019.  We will re-assert UK sovereignty but are determined to maintain as much of the benefit of our economic links with the EU as possible.

Leaving the EU and Delivering a Future Relationship

Despite what you may imagine from the fevered reporting, MPs have been conducting business in Parliament  perfectly normally over the last week!  In addition to Parliamentary Questions to the Treasury, Defence and Justice Departments, I spoke in debates on Education (addressing issues of direct r

The Vision for Brexit

Important speeches by national politicians were once reproduced verbatim in the papers:  for very understandable reasons that is long gone!  However Theresa May's speech on our future in Europe is worth a look.  Tone matters.  What she emphasised was how the UK will fight hard to get a resolution