Gatwick Issues

Gatwick Airport is a major provider of employment and business activity to the entire area.  Jeremy is keen to work with the airport in the interests of the community and expects them to act as a good neighbour.  

While we welcome the positive economic impact of Gatwick it is incumbent on the Airport to do its utmost to reduce aircraft noise and the negative impact of its services on the community.  Expansion in the number of flights and passengers must also be seen in the context of the impact on local road and rail infrastructure and the wider environment.

Jeremy actively supported expansion at Heathrow rather than Gatwick which he believed was the right answer for the U.K. for reasons including respective international connectivity, resilient domestic travel links and the opportunity for freight.  Had Gatwick expansion been approved he was also concerned at the potential impact on local infrastructure, especially already often overburdened road and rail services and housing provision. He was pleased the independent Davies Commission, the Government and Parliament all came to the same conclusion.

Jeremy took a close interest in the actions of the Gatwick Coordination Group of MPs and both with the Group and individually he is in regular contact with the Airport, campaign groups and the Department for Transport on behalf of constituents.

Please see below for latest updates from Jeremy on Gatwick issues:


Aircraft Noise Update

Aircraft noise pollution can have an intensely negative impact on residents' quality of life and has been a constant focus in recent years.

Gatwick Northern Runway Consultation

I am aware that constituents will be interested in Gatwick’s plans for expansion. Gatwick are currently running a consultation on the Northern Runway plans and I would encourage all constituents with views on this issue to make their voice heard through this process.

Update on British Airways

I have been closely following the actions of British Airways on behalf of constituents.  I spoke to my  Sussex colleague, Huw Merriman, the Chairman  of the  Transport Select Committee, before  he secured the Commons debate on the aviation sector and was delighted that he was able to do so.  

Getting the Economy Back on Track

Last week I held a series of calls on the economic effect of Covid on our local economy, among them with our Local Enterprise Partnership and with Job Centre Plus.

Gatwick Update

In recent weeks I have been contacted by many constituents who are deeply concerned about the impact of coronavirus on the airline industry and the aviation sector more generally.

Jeremy Quin Meets the Head Commissioner of ICCAN

I met, in Westminster, Robert Light the Head Commissioner of ICCAN (the Independent Commission of Civil Aviation Noise) to discuss noise issues arising from Gatwick Airport.

Jeremy Quin Meets GATCOM

I met Tom Crowley, Chairman of GATCOM, to discuss a number of important matters relating to Gatwick Airport.

Gatwick Master Plan Has Questions to Answer

Last week Gatwick announced its “Master Plan”.  This now goes out to an intense planning process through the “Development Consent Order” prior to being submitted to the Secretary of State.  Gatwick will engage in another consultation with the public next year.