Gatwick Issues

Gatwick Airport is a major provider of employment and business activity to the entire area.  Jeremy is keen to work with the airport in the interests of the community and expects them to act as a good neighbour.  

While we welcome the positive economic impact of Gatwick it is incumbent on the Airport to do its utmost to reduce aircraft noise and the negative impact of its services on the community.  Expansion in the number of flights and passengers must also be seen in the context of the impact on local road and rail infrastructure and the wider environment.

Jeremy actively supported expansion at Heathrow rather than Gatwick which he believed was the right answer for the U.K. for reasons including respective international connectivity, resilient domestic travel links and the opportunity for freight.  Had Gatwick expansion been approved he was also concerned at the potential impact on local infrastructure, especially already often overburdened road and rail services and housing provision. He was pleased the independent Davies Commission, the Government and Parliament all came to the same conclusion.

Jeremy took a close interest in the actions of the Gatwick Coordination Group of MPs and both with the Group and individually he is in regular contact with the Airport, campaign groups and the Department for Transport on behalf of constituents.

Please see below for latest updates from Jeremy on Gatwick issues:


Gatwick Master Plan

Jeremy welcomed the decision made by the Government in October 2016 to implement the recommendation of the independent Airports Commission for a new runway at Heathrow.  This site he believes is best able to serve as a national and international aviation hub, is extremely well-served by existing

Summer Holidays and Summer Aircraft Noise

Schools have now broken up and it was a pleasure to see both ends of the age spectrum last week; the wonderful all-age Trinity Cricket Club at Victory Road Rec with lots of young girls and boys (starting as young as 4!) getting into the game and clearly enjoying it.  The Horsham National Citizens

Ensuring Airport Growth Benefits All

Last week I spoke out in a Commons debate on noise mitigation at Gatwick Airport. This provided an important opportunity to remind both Gatwick and the Government of the impact that aircraft noise has upon our communities.

Heathrow Decision in the National Interest

Like so many in Horsham, I am delighted by the Heathrow announcement.  The Government preference for Heathrow expansion is firmly in our national interest and will provide a major economic boost.

Good News on Airport Expansion

The Government announced this morning their preference for expansion at Heathrow. There was no suggestion in the announcement that expansion would also proceed at Gatwick. In line with the Davies Commission this was a straight forward binary choice and the preference is Heathrow.