European Union (Withdrawal) Bill- Grieves Amendments

Thank you for contacting me about the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

This Bill is about respecting the referendum result and making sure that the UK has a functioning statute book after the UK leaves the EU. It is a complex piece of legislation to which an unprecedented number of amendments (some 480) have been tabled.

The Government made it absolutely clear that they would listen carefully to all amendments tabled which might help the effective working of the Bill. This includes studying in detail amendments tabled by my colleague, Dominic Grieve to see how they could help the process. Although Parliament has not as yet voted for any Opposition or Backbench amendments to be added to the Bill the Government, notwithstanding this, has committed to their being a “Report Stage” – which means that amendments are being actively drafted to reflect discussions and commitments being made on the floor of the House.

The Government will continue to listen hard and work with MPs from across the House on this important piece of legislation. I hope that in Committee and, including amendments, at Report Stage this Bill secures widespread support.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.