Human Rights - Amnesty International

Thank you for contacting me as part of Amnesty International’s campaign on Human Rights.


The UK has a proud and distinguished tradition of respect for human rights, which long pre-dates both the Human Rights Act of 1998.  We are fully committed to continuing this tradition and are clear that the UK’s departure from the EU will not undermine our commitment to human rights at home and abroad.


In recent years we have led the way on combating modern slavery, championing the rights of women and girls, and tackling sexual violence in conflict. We are determined that this leadership will continue and that the UK will remain a beacon for human rights around the world. In November 2016, the UK was re-elected to serve a second term on the UN Human Rights Council and played a leading role on a number of important issues, including Syria and Sri Lanka, as well as supporting on Burma, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Iran.