Local Government Procural and Spending

Thank you for contacting me about local government spending.
I believe that local government should be doing as much as possible to reduce waste and make spending more transparent.
I am glad that the Transparency Code was introduced so that data including senior salaries, local land assets and expenditure over £500 are published.
The Government is also encouraging local authorities to use the online procurement service Contracts Finder. This service matches up prospective providers and bidders and has simplified the procurement process for the parties involved. Procurement has also been opened up further to small and medium-sized businesses by removing the pre-qualification questionnaire to tender for contracts under £100,000. This should increase competition and offer taxpayers better value for money.
Local authority audit is also being reformed for the same reason. Local arrangements are replacing the Audit Commission, meaning that local authorities will be able to appoint auditors from a more open and competitive market place from 2017.
I also welcome the news that local people have a right to inspect council accounts for 20 days each year. I am hopeful that this will increase democratic accountability and help local authorities take a more considered approach to spending.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.