Local Music Venues

Thank you for contacting me about local music venues.

I understand your concerns regarding local music venues and the threat that noise complaints can have on them. Well-run, long-standing pubs and clubs should not be penalised for continuing to run their venue as they always have, in a responsible way.

Local music venues have a proud history in the UK and the popularity of live music events has continued up to the present, with recent figures from UK Music suggesting that almost 31 million people attended live music events in the UK in 2016.

With regard to the Private Member's Bill to be introduced by John Spellar, unfortunately, I cannot comment on its contents, given that the Bill has not yet been published. As this is a Private Members' Bill, it is unlikely to be printed until closer to the Second Reading debate, should it receive one. However, I look forward to reading the Bill in detail, if and when it is published.

In the meantime, I believe Government Ministers have expressed interest in meeting with advocates of the Bill. As I understand, elements of the Agent of Change principle already exist within planning policies and guidance. Current planning guidance already makes clear that the potential effect of a new residential development being located close to an existing business giving rise to noise should be carefully considered. However, I agree we should look to see if we need to go further.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.