Back to Work

I am hugely grateful to have been re-elected as MP for Horsham.  I love the job and I enjoy regularly meeting in town people who I have helped or tried to help in my role.  In an election campaign during which I knocked on literally thousands of doors across the constituency it has been great to touch base with so many people who I have had the privilege of meeting, corresponding with or helping in the last couple of years. 


I was delighted by an increase in the Conservative vote producing the best share of the vote we have achieved in Horsham in 25 years.  I am now back in the office and my first constituency engagements are scheduled for this Friday.  Whoever you voted for please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my website if I can help (, the email comes straight to me.  I have corresponded with well over 5,000 constituents in the last 18 months, often several times, and will be delighted to help if I can.


The national result was more mixed!  I was so pleased by the result in Scotland in which wins by my Conservative colleagues in particular but also Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates have taken another Scottish independence referendum off the agenda.  A good result for the UK but also for the people of Scotland who had made it clear they had no appetite for turning out for yet another vote.


I suspect the same is true closer to home – speaking to constituents I sense no pressing desire whatsoever for another General Election, rather the opposite!  Politicians in this country (happily) do not decide election results - they are delivered by the people.  We have to try and make work what we are given.  At 318 seats Theresa May is tantalisingly close to a guaranteed overall majority of 325 whilst Mr Corbyn, despite making gains, cannot get close to the majority he would need to implement his very radical programme.


The Prime Minister is right to work to ensure as solid as possible a parliamentary basis for the task ahead, not least the absolutely critical Brexit negotiations. 

Caption: It was a great relief to be in Carfax on Saturday not wearing a rosette! It was a pleasure to touch base with the team setting up Horsham's STEMfest a great HackHorsham activity.