Busy at Home and in Westminster

The Brexit saga continues.  Rather than supporting an agreement that has been negotiated with the EU and is deliverable the Commons has voted to run its own process.  There is no guarantee that this will result in an alternative proposition that has consensus support, nor that that this would then be deliverable in negotiations with the EU. 

I know how frustrated many are (both “Leave” and “Remain”) that we still have this unresolved.  Under the negotiated Withdrawal Agreement the UK would have left the EU this Friday with our security arrangements and trading links intact.  As someone who has attempted at every stage to deliver on the referendum result in a sensible and pragmatic way I am deeply disappointed that a resolution that I believe recognises both the reality of the referendum decision and the concerns of those who wished  to Remain has not, as yet, been adopted. 

Last Friday I met Georgette Ayling, Head of the new Bohunt School, Horsham. I campaigned hard for us to secure a new school and having met Georgette and heard her plans  I totally understand the enthusiasm of parents to whom I have spoken about the school.  I look forward to writing again about what I am sure will be a positive addition to the already first rate schools in Horsham.

Over the weekend I also attended a great exhibition in Billingshurst which set out many of the huge  range of voluntary and community groups active in the village:  they were there to find new volunteers and in many cases also to offer their services.  It had a great community feel and a prime illustration of the amount of time and commitment so many make in our community to helping others.  Another example of which was the DMH  Stallard Quiz in aid of St Catherines’ Hospice which I attended Thursday at the Cricket Club, joining a team from Citizens Advice who do so much for Horsham residents.  It was also a pleasure to visit the Balcombe Bowls Club as it gears up towards its centenary and to hear the hugely impressive  performances of West Sussex Music at Collyers  where they were putting on an “open  house” for all comers  to try a new instrument! 


Photo Credit: Billingshurst Community Minibus - one of the many community groups on display at the Billingshurst Centre on Saturday