Law and Order in Horsham

Next week Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" arrives at The Capitol.  As a result those attending the Horsham District Neighbourhood Watch AGM were greeted with posters urging them to "Suspect Everyone".

Aiding Others

Up to 150,000 additional lives a year could potentially be saved by first aid according to St John Ambulance.  29,000 alone die each year of a heart attack.

A Busy Week in Parliament

Parliament has already been busy and following the party conferences it will get yet more intense. 

The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Parliament resumed at Westminster this week.   During the summer “recess” I have thoroughly enjoyed my visits around the constituency.

Understanding what Matters to Horsham

There is no “template” on how to be an MP.   However by being involved in the community you learn what is and isn’t working and can use that knowledge to influence decisions being taken nationally.

Banking for the Future

Horsham is the most bio-diverse constituency:  not only in this country but the world:  sounds surprising but is absolutely true.  The secret behind this impressive statistic lies in the Millennium Seed Bank. 

My Work in Parliament

The visual image of Parliament is always one of confrontation:  the two sides of the chamber (reputedly, if inaccurately, described as being two sword lengths apart), the "bear pit" of Prime Ministers Question Time.  Actually there is quite a lot to be said for the British system of testing every

Supporting Local Businesses

Horsham's has many great companies and I have enjoyed being out visiting while Parliament isn't sitting in August.  This has included seeing three very different small companies but all great success stories from the very oldest of traditional industries to the most modern.  

Rail Services

The ongoing rise in rail passengers is one of the quiet successes of the last two decades.