Conservative Party Leadership Election

As I wrote when the Prime Minister made the announcement of her intention to stand down as Leader of the Conservative Party, it has been a privilege to serve under someone of deep integrity, resilience and courage. No one should under-estimate the challenges faced by any Prime Minister in current political circumstances. Time will remember the Prime Minister’s humanity and successes in office – including tackling the scourge of modern slavery. 

Following her announcement the Conservative Party has set out its timetable for the election of a new leader.

Ten candidates have put themselves forward and the leadership election shows the great depth of talent and ideas within the Conservative Party.  The first ballot of Conservative MPs will be held this Thursday with subsequent ballots held until two front runners are put to the membership as a whole.

While the leadership contest progresses the Government continues to execute its legislative programme and as a Government Business Manager (Whip), working with my colleagues in the Whips Office,  we have a succession of parliamentary instruments and Bills that need to be steered through in the coming weeks, not to mention Opposition and Backbench Debates.  The Whips Office do not take an active role in the leadership campaigns of any individual candidate and are not endorsing individual candidates: we continue to serve the Government and Parliamentary Party as a whole.

I will however, of course, be voting in the contest and welcome emails from constituents setting out their views on the candidates.