Delivering for Residents

Taking time out of their summer holidays, many young people are undertaking their National Citizenship Service. Having met the first wave of NCIS volunteers in July I enjoyed meeting the second group in Horsham last week who, as part of their community project, were raising money for Holbrook Animal Rescue and Turning Tides.

It was great to see really engaged young people who were having fun whilst meeting new people and taking on challenges!

On Monday, it was a pleasure to accept an invitation from Southwater Parish Council to the opening of the new skateboard park and playground. They are really good facilities and I am sure will be enjoyed for years to come – and were on Monday even in torrential rain!

It was good to see the improved cricket pitch and pavilion.  It’s a great setting with views onto the Downs and Holy Innocents Church.  I was delighted to hear that with the new investment the Sports Club is going from strength to strength and helping to bond the growing community.  

One of my many tasks this recess has been to catch up with the Chief Executive of East Surrey Hospital.  East Surrey once, sadly, had a poor reputation.  It is great to see the hospital transformed and a well justified “Outstanding” rating from the CQC.

The majority of Horsham residents who require A&E treatment attend East Surrey. I never lose an opportunity to push for a nearer facility.  However, in the meantime, it is vital that residents have confidence in the existing local services.  Following extra Government funding and hard work by the Hospital their A&E capacity has over time expanded from 14 bays to 56 bays, allowing more patients to be seen in A&E and more rapidly.  Providing a GP service alongside has also proved popular.

For possibly the first time in its history the hospital is fully staffed on nursing professionals.  Given our country’s ageing demographics (especially true in the Horsham area) pressure on A&E is intense and growing and East Surrey is no exception.  We are hugely grateful for their work and commitment - in my experience constituents are consistently deeply impressed by the care and professionalism of the teams. 


Photo Credit: National Citizenship Service teams were in Carfax last week raising money for Holbrook Animal Rescue and Turning Tides.  Speaking to the teams not only had they run successful projects they have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.