Emergency Coronavirus Bill

Today, the Government will introduce the Emergency Coronavirus Bill to Parliament. The Bill, jointly agreed with the devolved administrations of the UK, gives us the power to fight the virus with everything we’ve got.

The powers will only be used when necessary. We need these powers in our armoury to give us the best possible chance of overcoming this unprecedented national challenge.

The Emergency Coronavirus Bill enables action across five main areas:

  1. Increasing the available health and social care workforce;
  2. Easing the burden on frontline staff
  3. Containing and slowing the virus
  4. Managing the deceased with respect and dignity; and
  5. Supporting people through the crisis.

Details of the policies contained in the Bill is available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-bill-what-it-will-do/what-the-coronavirus-bill-will-do

All the measures are strictly temporary, proportionate to the threat we face, and will only be activated- and deactivated- led by the best possible scientific advice. And while the powers would only be used in extreme circumstances, throughout this pandemic our approach is to place for the worst and work for the best.