Jeremy Quin Joins Local Organisations to Celebrate Employment Day

It was a pleasure to visit the Job Centre Plus in Horsham on Employment Day to celebrate the work that is being done locally by organisations to help people into work.

For some, finding and sustaining employment can be really difficult. This is particularly the case for those who face barriers due to mental health issues, learning difficulties or offending history.

Working brings health and financial benefits and so it is important that those who can and want to work are encouraged to find work that matches their skills and harnesses their talents.

I greatly enjoyed hearing from Richard, who runs the WISH job drop in centres, the success stories he has had in getting people who have been long term unemployed into fulfilling work.

I was also pleased to hear about new ideas that are being developed to help young adults with special educational needs (SEN) get vital work experience.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Quin with representatives from a number of local organisations celebrating Employment Day.