Jeremy Quin Meets the Head of the New Bohunt School in Horsham

It was great to meet Georgette Ayling, the head of the new Bohunt School in Horsham.

I had campaigned hard with DfE to ensure we secured a new school in Horsham and to ensure it has an effective learning environment in the centre of Horsham until its modern purpose built school is constructed.

Parents who have decided to send their children to Bohunt Horsham have spoken to me with great enthusiasm about the school- including parents who had not considered Bohunt until they were disappointed with their child’s school allocation, investigated and really liked what they saw.

Having met Georgette I can understand the enthusiasm. Bohunt is a chain of schools with a great track record and by all accounts the ability to start something new is attracting high quality staff keen to be in from the beginning.

Horsham already boasts extremely well regarded schools, and of course, Collyer’s. Bohunt Horsham is an exciting addition and I am very much looking forward to seeing them up and running in the autumn.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Quin meeting Georgette Ayling, headteacher of the new Bohunt School in Horsham.