Jeremy Quin Presses for Fairness on Aircraft Noise

Horsham MP recently met Sir Roy McNulty, Chairman of Gatwick Airport, in the House of Commons to discuss the independent review of Arrivals and associated aircraft noise which Gatwick commissioned.

There was a lot in the report that was helpful and will be welcomed by local communities.  However there there is also at least one issue of significant concern.

While the purpose of the review was to analyse Arrivals, Mr Quin had purposefully held a public meeting for the independent commission at Warnham – an area which carries the burden of Departure noise.  This was to ensure that the independent commission was left in no doubt, whilst they focussed their report on Arrivals, as to the strength of feeling generated by Departure noise.

Notwithstanding this, one recommendation contained in the report may have the effect of shortening the point from the Airport at which aircraft converge before their final descent into Gatwick.  This could have the impact of increasing Arrivals noise over the very areas that already carry the burden of noise from Departures.

Jeremy Quin left Sir Roy in doubt that he expected Gatwick to look at the question of aircraft noise fairly and not simply at Arrivals in isolation.  In particular he stressed that the impact of Departure noise must be taken into consideration when Gatwick considers how to implement the report’s recommendations.

Mr Quin has now received written confirmation from Gatwick that this will indeed be the case.

The report will be put out to consultation on 31st March for 6 weeks.

Mr Quin commented

 “All we are after is straight forward fairness.  Gatwick knows Departure noise causes huge grief to residents.  They cannot be allowed, by looking at Arrivals in isolation, to create a double-whammy for residents.”