Jeremy Quin Welcomes the Government’s Commitment to Ensuring Train Punctuality

I am pleased that the Government is committed to ensuring our trains run on time.

The industry’s previous “on time” measure included trains which were five or ten minutes late and therefore was not a particularly helpful measure.

Earlier this year, I welcomed the Secretary of State’s announcement to improve train punctuality by measuring punctuality to a single minute of a train’s scheduled arrival:

These new measures have set out the scale of the challenge with just 64.7% of trains genuinely arriving on time.

There is clearly a lot to do to drive up punctuality standards across the industry. I am pleased that the  Secretary of State recently met with the heads of the rail industry to set out the work they will be doing together to delivery lasting improvements.

I appreciate passengers wish to see instant progress, especially those in the Horsham constituency who have experienced unacceptable levels of disruption in the past. I hope the ongoing Williams Rail Review will further help to drive up standards and make the passenger the unrelenting focus.