Local Solutions in a Turbulent World

Despite the misconception that "nothing happens in August", it saw the start of both world wars and has witnessed great events. I have found very moving coverage of the 70th Anniversary of the Partition and Independence of India the, often terrible, events that presaged the creation of two (subsequently three) states. All continue to have close ties to the UK and India in particular is taking an increasingly confident global role: all the more welcome in a country with an active democracy and rule of law.


August was also the month in which the world witnessed the horrific result of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. It is hardly surprising given this history that the Japanese people were so outraged by the actions of North Korea, a nuclear armed state, flying a missile over their country.


Following Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan pledged never to take up nuclear weapons. They turn, rightly, to collective security and the UN to speak and act as one. China and the USA are both (with the UK) members of the UN Security Council. Without Chinese trade and support North Korea could not survive. As it continues its increase in prosperity and reasserts its position in the world the last thing China wants is a conflict among its neighbours. By all accounts US diplomacy is far more open, engaged and nuanced on Korea than may first be assumed. This is a major test of the UN, China and the US administration. The problem has been building for years. They need to prove that through dialogue there can be a solution.


Korea represents a different type of risk from what from has been Europe's recent focus - terrorism. I recently met a company doing its bit to help keep ordinary people safe: Aralia Solutions is one of many small Horsham businesses with great technology and a global reach. Their systems identify risks, helping reduce the threat. Alas the terrorist as in, tragically, Barcelona, has only got to get through occasionally to maintain the oxygen of publicity but many agencies are working together with many successes to keep us safe.


Photo caption: Recently meeting Aralia Solutions in Horsham to hear about their impressive technology and global reach.