New Measures to Improve Train Punctuality

Whilst there have been considerable improvements in services locally (this is reflected in the correspondence I receive from constituents) there is still more that can be done to ensure our network is reliable and efficient.

That is why I welcomed the announcement made yesterday by the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, regarding changes to the way that train delays are recorded. These changes will directly benefit rail users by making it easier to hold train companies to account and driving up punctuality standards in the industry.

Under the old system, trains are considered delayed if they are 5-10 minutes late. This will now change to measuring punctuality to a single minute of its scheduled arrival.

New “On Time” statistics will establish an industry standard for measuring performance. There will also be a greater amount of information available to passengers to let them know about the cause of the delay, providing greater accountability into the problems on the railway. These new measures will make it easier to identify trains that are not performing as they should for passengers.

I am pleased that the Government has made improving the punctuality of trains one of its top transport priorities. The railways are undergoing the biggest modernisation since the Victorian times, with £48 billion being spent on new trains, track upgrades and making sure passengers have access to better and more reliable data.

I will continue to push for continued improvements on our network for local rail users.