New Timetable Running Out of Horsham

From May we will have a new Timetable running out of Horsham railway station and others across the constituency. No timetable change - and this change is the most significant in decades- will please everyone. However overall we have a net benefit and an increasing number of through trains and direct destinations. The final version was a marked improvement on that first published and I have had constituents writing to say that they have been pleased by the final outcome and the changes made during the consultation. Problems however remain and I used an Adjournment Debate on Wednesday (which was actually meant to focus on trains north of London) to both speak to the Minister privately and raise in the chamber the concerns of Balcombe ) commuters. The most significant benefit of the new timetable should be greater resilience and reliability. I have learned that no change in the railways runs as smoothly as it should....but we will be closely monitoring the impact.

My contribution to the Adjournment debate can be viewed on the Parliament website: