Positive News for a Local Charity

I was privileged on Saturday to attend a presentation in the Barn, Horsham Park to “Sussex Ehlers-Danilo’s Syndrome” (SEDS) by Sussex Police.

Although many may not have heard of the condition it can be acutely painful and debilitating. SEDS is a local support group which is fast growing and dedicated to assisting those who have the condition and also spreading awareness. Their website can be found at www.infosussexeds.org.uk.

A complex tissue condition which can effect people who are hypermobile, this is an evolving area of medical research: at the moment fourteen types of EDS and one type of (the related) HSD have been identified.

One of the aims of SEDS is to offer support activities to improve the physical and mental health for those with EDS including pilates, bike riding, acupuncture and hydrotherapy, myofascial massage, equine therapy and craft therapy.

It is in support of these activities that Sussex Police presented their donation from their Police Property Act Fund. This fund is made up of monies received from the sale of found property and property confiscated by court order.

The main aim of the Sussex Police fund is to support projects undertaken by voluntary/charitable organisations that solely benefit communities in the County.

A lot of good can come (literally in some cases) from “ill-gotten gains”! The fund considers applications from voluntary and charitable organisations within Sussex, which are supported by a Sussex Police officer or member of staff who has knowledge of the organisation. Donations can be made of up to £500.

It was good to see the local police at the presentation – who also spoke about their current campaign to raise awareness of telephone and internet scams which are especially focussed on the elderly and on vulnerable people. It was also good to see the Horsham crime prevention team and PCSOs in Horsham Park on Sunday talking to residents, picking up information and offering support. Residents were coming forward with very useful suggestions - and it is great to hear that the Sussex Police recruitment campaign and training programme is already coming through with increased numbers of officers: something I know will be very reassuring for many.


Photo Credit: The Horsham Crime Prevention team (including a number of PCSOs who have recently joined the force) were in Horsham Park on Sunday to meet local residents.  This was one of a series of engagements around the town.