Serving Horsham in Parliament

Over the last two years in nearly one hundred County Times’ weekly columns I have been able to highlight many examples of the huge numbers of local people serving the community in so many different roles. 

As an MP you are privileged to get a unique insight and I am acutely aware of what an honour it is to serve Horsham in Parliament.  Since 2015 I have thrown myself into that task and I am hugely appreciative of all the support that I have received.

The constituency role provides MPs with a means of fighting on behalf of constituents.  The most rewarding part of the job is when the right outcome is secured for a constituent which simply would not have happened without my team and me getting involved. 

With a General Election being called for 8th June, I will have no hesitation in seeking the local Conservative Party’s nomination to stand again as their Parliamentary candidate for the Horsham constituency.

Helping with individual cases is hugely satisfying, so is the ability of an MP to raise issues in Parliament for constituents.  Whether using Prime Minister’s Question Time to demand compensation for our rail passengers or fair funding for local schools, campaigning on Aircraft noise or for local services; there is a job to be done.  There are also national issues that impact everyone: in holding to account Phillip Green I hope I helped secure a better deal for BHS pensioners and better company governance.  

General Elections are though about more than just individual candidates.  They are also about electing a Government with a mandate to deliver for the country as a whole.  We live in times that require strong, sensible, determined leadership – a leadership at which I believe Theresa May excels.  She is seeking a mandate to negotiate with a soon to be elected President of France and Chancellor of Germany.  She is determined to deliver for the country as a whole.  As I end up saying on many school visits we can all be proud that in the UK it is the people who ultimately decide – on 8th June we will all determine our country’s future.   

Photo Caption: It was a pleasure to see Ben Rosling at his regular pitch in the Carfax.  Ben was one of many constituents, commuting by train into London, whose working life was made near-impossible last year.  Ben gave up working for a major supermarket and instead took up his long term ambition of having his own cheese toasty food stall - and very good they are too!