Welcoming Old Friends and Celebrating a New Arrival

Good luck to all students who this week started their GCSE exams. We all know how stressful this time can be, no matter how thorough the revision and no matter how supportive are one’s teachers and families!

For those adults who miss the stress of testing their knowledge, I am happy to draw to their attention the National Numeracy Challenge! The Challenge is part of National Numeracy Day, an annual event supported by the Government, which aims to improve numeracy levels in the UK and help people to feel confident in their numeracy skills.

Anyone can take the Challenge and test their numeracy skills by using the following link: https://www.nnchallenge.org.uk/home/index.html

I was very concerned to be contacted over the weekend by Stuart Ritchie and Tricia Youtan, the District Councillors for Barns Green, regarding an alleged “near miss” on the level crossing. Due to the tragic incident which recently occurred at this level crossing it was especially concerning for the community. I immediately took this up with Network Rail and whilst their response was reassuring on the most recent event – the gates were working safely - I am meeting them to follow up on previous discussions on local level crossings.

If anyone would like to read the full response I received from Network Rail then they can do so on my website: www.jeremyquin.com

On Friday, I met residents from Lage at the Commons. Horsham has been “twinned” with Lage in Germany since 1985. It was lovely to meet our German friends and I am hugely welcome the work undertaken by the Horsham District Twinning Association to strengthen ties with our twinned communities in both Germany and France.

It was also great to see Horsham town centre busy again this weekend with Horsham’s Great British Weekend - many people enjoyed watching Morris dancing and trying British produce.

In the midst of the throng and music in the heart of town the United Reform Church, in Springfield Road, offered a moment of quiet and peace in their service to institute Kristin Ofstad as the new Pastor of Horsham with Slinfold United Reformed Church. It was a pleasure to join the URC congregation and church leaders from across Horsham to welcome Kristin to her post.


Photo Credit: Greenway School Council recently met Jeremy Quin to discuss being an MP on their trip to Parliament.