Working Together

I write as the Queen’s Speech is due to be delivered to Parliament.  No one should underestimate the challenges faced by the current Parliament, whether determining our future relationship with the EU or urgent domestic concerns.  We need collectively to continue to act to counter the curse of terrorism: be that a vicious unprovoked attack on innocent young people attending a concert or a vicious unprovoked attack on fellow citizens leaving their place of worship.  We need, with immediate effect, to understand and act on what caused the horrendous Grenfell Tower disaster.  Was the “cladding” to blame, if so was it compliant with building regulations and if not why not?  These are just the first of many questions that need immediate answers. 


From my research into the tragedy it appears we are unlikely to have similar circumstances existing locally but if any resident is concerned about fire risk or prevention and are not receiving satisfactory answers please do get in touch.


With much to do we are confronted by a “hung” Parliament.  With or without a Government arrangement with any other party my strong suspicion is that this Parliament could run its full term.  On matters requiring urgent action I very much hope and believe the Government should be able to rely on support from across the House of Commons.


Working together was a theme, rightly, of a celebration of the life of Jo Cox MP held at the Unitarian Church in Worthing Road on Sunday.  I was delighted to attend with community representatives and senior figures from local political parties.  Jo died a year ago outside her constituency surgery. 


We all share many views as to what we want people to get from “society” even if our strategy for how to get there may be markedly different!  The way we all conduct our debates is vitally important.  The same is true of the unity which comes from a democratic political process.  Neither can we afford to neglect, nor should we ever forget the words of Jo’s maiden speech:  “We have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.” 


Caption: With Mehrdad Kelani of the Horsham Baha'i Community and Dr Maria Curtis, Minister of the Horsham Unitarian Chapel, after they conducted on a celebration of the life of Jo Cox MP in the Chapel on Sunday.