Training for the Future

It is always particularly satisfying to see an endeavour that sounds great in theory really working out in practice.  In September I attended the Horsham Jobs and Skills fair where a record 42 employers were exhibiting:  applications were being invited and the emphasis was very much on apprentice

At work in Horsham

It was a particular pleasure last week to get out and about in Horsham for a busy weekend of constituency engagements.  MPs rightly focus time and energy in Parliament, especially on issues that produce fiercely differing views but for most Parliamentarians time spent with constituents engaged in

The EU Withdrawal Agreement

Honouring the result of the Referendum we will leave the EU on 29th March 2019.  We will re-assert UK sovereignty but are determined to maintain as much of the benefit of our economic links with the EU as possible.


Horsham Remembers

On Sunday I am sure I was not alone in feeling great pride in our town and communities. 

1918: 100 years on

I greatly enjoy meeting school groups in Westminster and was pleased to see Christ Hospital students on Monday. We paused at the Cenotaph – where the school band will be leading the Remembrance Day march past.

The Budget

The UK has the highest ever number of people in work.  Even compared to our neighbours the UK’s performance is stellar:  we have under half the rate of unemployment than France (where sadly 1 in 5 young people are out of work).

Beating Cancer

I greatly enjoyed attending the opening of the Bridge Leisure Centre at Broadbridge Heath on Friday.  It’s a fabulous facility which I am certain will be very well used by our growing population.  There is a host of evidence from Park runs to burgeoning sports teams that local people want the opp

Tough choices

The announcement of the budget (to be delivered, unusually, on a Monday, 29th October) has provoked an influx of campaigns on where more taxpayers’ money should best be invested.

Looking to the future

One of the hardest issues in politics is ensuring that among all the immediate issues that rightly receive focus we don’t lose sight of the long term. 

Social care for the future

Last week in Horsham’s Carfax it was a pleasure to touch base with two great charities.  On Saturday with Dame Vera Lynn’s Childrens’ Charity which does wonderful work helping toddlers with cerebral palsy achieve their full potential through early intervention.  On Thursday with Age UK who are ra