Local Life Savers

It was great to see all three Cadet Corps represented at Horsham’s “Armed Forces Sunday” (and I was pleased to give the event a mention in Commons’ Defence Questions!)

Leaving the EU and Delivering a Future Relationship

Despite what you may imagine from the fevered reporting, MPs have been conducting business in Parliament  perfectly normally over the last week!  In addition to Parliamentary Questions to the Treasury, Defence and Justice Departments, I spoke in debates on Education (addressing issues of direct r

Transport Centre Stage

After years of inadequate investment we have recently delivered billions to our local rail services.  On an historic track lay-out (the most congested in Europe) and with record numbers of passengers, investment is critical to deliver a resilient service in which isolated problems do not ripple a

Happy Holidays?

For many, including the emergency services, bank holidays mean more work not less but I hope that everyone who could enjoyed the break.

Enhancing Mental Health

Last week in Horsham I met Emma McCarthy of the Richmond Fellowship. Working where required alongside other specialist teams, the Fellowship is the identified lead provider locally of support to people who are experiencing Mental Health issues both emotionally and practically.

Helping Beat Cancer

The Cancer Research donation collection in Swan Walk has made a phenomenal start.  550 bags have so far been collected.  At an average £30 per bag this is making a huge contribution to achieving the charity’s target.