Current Position Post Friday's Vote

I am deeply upset that having voted yesterday for the third time to deliver Britain’s exit from the European Union, that decision has again been blocked.

Busy at Home and in Westminster

The Brexit saga continues.  Rather than supporting an agreement that has been negotiated with the EU and is deliverable the Commons has voted to run its own process.  There is no guarantee that this will result in an alternative proposition that has consensus support, nor that that this would the

Working Together

Last Friday I joined all MPs present in the Commons for a “sitting Friday” in a minutes’ silence for those so barbarously murdered in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Gatwick Undertaking Upgrade Work to the Noise and Tracking System

I was recently updated by Gatwick Airport who are undertaking upgrade work to the noise and tracking system currently provided by Casper.

The first stage of the major upgrade work will begin on the 1st April and I understand the airport have invested almost £1million into these works.

Resolving Brexit

In normal circumstances I would be writing about the Chancellor’s Spring Statement being delivered this week.