Supporting our Emergency Workers

I had the pleasure of meeting two school trips this week to Westminster.  One frequent question is the balance of time between Horsham and Parliament.  There is no rule book.  You need to be connected in the constituency to know the issues and equally connected in Westminster to be effective in t

Improving our Rail Service for the 21st Century

It is been a while since I wrote about our local rail service – which is a good sign!  My experience and that of most local rail users seems to be that the service has, albeit from a very low base, improved markedly this year.

A Humanitarian Action Executed Well

When I wrote last week that our response to the Syrian gas atrocity must be carefully targeted and “based on certainty, caution, openness and proportionality” I had no illusions of how complex a task that would be.

Hard Choices in Syria

Rotary’s Pancake Race in Carfax last Tuesday was conducted with all its usual panache with local charities and businesses competing in style.

A busy run in to Easter

Horsham can recreate bits of Italy in Carfax but sadly it can’t guarantee Italian weather…. On Good Friday many were however out enjoying Piazza Italia whatever rain was thrown at them (and there was a lot of it)!

The NHS at 70

In November I welcomed budget small print which I believed opened up the prospect of a pay rise for nursing staff.  I was, therefore, delighted by last week’s announcement that more money is indeed being found for nurses’ salaries: every level benefits with a nurse with three years’ experience re

Keeping Safe on Line

It was a pleasure at PMQs last week to draw attention to two Horsham success stories – a great Apprenticeship Fair organised by HDC and the extraordinary fall in youth unemployment we have seen locally over the last ten years.   As discussed after my recent talk at Collyers it is incredibly impor

Purposeful Action at Home and Abroad

Last week in the Commons I supported the Home Secretary giving the police the time they needed to do their work after the appalling attack in Salisbury.  Especially in circumstances that are so horrific it is too easy to jump to conclusions.  As a country we are known for the professionalism of o

Helping Families in their Hour of Need

We are in the midst of Horsham’s Fairtrade Fortnight and after a week of events hosted by “FairKind Child” in Piries Place, a Fair Trade coffee morning will be held in St Johns RC Church Hall this Saturday.  This is one of many local events in the coming week including the launch of the new Billi

Industries of the Future

Although Parliament is in full session I was pleased last week to hold meetings in Horsham which a wide area including new support services being provided to families going through difficult times; new ways of working in the NHS which are delivering better patient outcomes; two school visits and