Supporting Horsham's Local Economy

Having been shopping in Beales over the weekend I called into BHS on Monday morning, in Swan Walk, to wish them well prior to their company’s sad announcement.  There are a lot of changes in the High Street and my heart goes out to employees faced with a difficult and uncertain time.

Westminster Hall Debate on Aircraft Noise

On Wednesday 20th April, I spoke in a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament on the effect of aircraft noise on local communities. I spoke of the horrific impact if Government were to go against the clear recommendation of the Davies Commission by approving a second runway at Gatwick Airport.

Supporting Families

There will not be a single reader who hasn’t seen first hand the impact of family breakdown.  Most parents in these sad circumstances go to huge efforts to try and protect their children, difficult as that may be.  However in some cases an “honest broker” may be needed to help arrange contact for the parent who isn’t looking after the child on a day to day basis, effect the hand-over and provide a safe and fun meeting place.

Horsham Festival of Bells

On 4th November 1942 church bells rang out across England.  The Battle of Alamein marked for Churchill “not perhaps the beginning of the end but maybe the end of the beginning.”  He ordered a celebration and bells that had been silent – awaiting their role of warning the country of invasion – rang out.  

Giving Britain a Pay Rise

Employment has been one of the UK’s great success stories. This week we build on that success with the introduction of a National Living Wage.

Tackling Terrorism

Even for those agnostic about Easter itself this is a wonderful season with nature springing back to life.  Sadly though this year has been blighted by two horrific terrorist attacks: in Brussels and Lahore.

The Budget

This week has been dominated, naturally, by the Budget.  The Chancellor started six years ago with a major problem – a Government spending £130bn a year more than it raised. 

Jeremy Quin Presses for Fairness on Aircraft Noise

Horsham MP recently met Sir Roy McNulty, Chairman of Gatwick Airport, in the House of Commons to discuss the independent review of Arrivals and associated aircraft noise which Gatwick commissioned.

Horsham MP Slams Southern Rail Performance in Westminster Debate

Local MP Jeremy Quin secured a “Westminster Hall” debate in the House of Commons on Wednesday (16th March) on the performance of Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) and Network Rail. Mr Quin led the 90 minute debate which was well attended by local MPs including Henry Smith, Sir Nicholas Soames and Nick Herbert.  They joined in setting out the massive and ongoing issues faced by local rail passengers.  Rail Minister Claire Perry attended the entirety of the debate and spoke at its conclusion. 

Rail Update

The service on our local rail lines is completely unacceptable, a reflection of deep fundamental problems which are being addressed but also of Network Rail and the operator.