Rememberance Sunday and The Living Wage

As the crowds on Sunday showed, Remembrance continues to be important for Horsham and unites generations.  My grandfather’s generation feared that the loss of so many known to them would be forgotten as memories fade.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Jeremy Quin Visits the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

The risk of fire rightly scares us.  Although only 11 per cent of domestic fires break out in the early hours of the morning it's that fear that makes us feel vulnerable.  Of course there is more we can all do.  In sixty percent of cases where fires caused fatalities either there were no smoke al

Tax Credits & Childcare

This week the House of Lords ignored 300 years of accepting that elected MPs decide financial matters and stopped the Government's reform of tax credits.  

Three Bridges Rail Upgrade

The Three Bridges Rail Rail Depot was formally opened by the Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP on Thursday, 15th October.

An Eductation Revolution

There is a revolution going on in our schools: “STEM” – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is taking its rightful place.  STEM subjects are vital to our future – the UK has only 1% of the world’s population but we produce 10% of all top scientific research.  We like to say we are no use at engineering “any more” – in fact we generate £800bn from engineering every year - and its growing fast. 

Jeremy Quin visits Horsham Citizens' Advice

As a new MP before you even get near the chamber or a select committee you receive your first few bags of constituents’ letters and the emails start coming in long before you have access to a computer!

Horsham's Got Talent

There were juggling acts, amazing on stage acrobatics and some very witty one-liners.  I enjoyed the St Mary's Primary School Talent Show on Saturday in the Causeway....and it provided a good precursor to Conservative Party Conference!

Law and Order in Horsham

Next week Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" arrives at The Capitol.  As a result those attending the Horsham District Neighbourhood Watch AGM were greeted with posters urging them to "Suspect Everyone".

Aiding Others

Up to 150,000 additional lives a year could potentially be saved by first aid according to St John Ambulance.  29,000 alone die each year of a heart attack.

A Busy Week in Parliament

Parliament has already been busy and following the party conferences it will get yet more intense.