Frank King

I was deeply saddened, as will be so many, by the announcement of the death of Frank King.

I spoke to Frank on Monday afternoon and he was in good spirits and looking forward to being back home in his beloved Horsham.

County Times Article- 23rd May 2019

I was pleased that as part of the redevelopment of the old BHS store in Swan Walk, Changing Places facilities were opened last month, a successful conclusion to what had been a long campaign.

Welcoming Old Friends and Celebrating a New Arrival

Good luck to all students who this week started their GCSE exams. We all know how stressful this time can be, no matter how thorough the revision and no matter how supportive are one’s teachers and families!

Barns Green Level Crossing Update

After discussing the concerns raised over the weekend with the District Councillors for Barns Green, Stuart Ritchie and Tricia Youtan and received further details yesterday morning I immediately contacted the Chief Executive of Network Rail, Andrew Haines, and asked for an immediate response. 

Statement Regarding Barns Green Level Crossing

I was contacted yesterday (Sunday) by the District Councillors for Barns Green, Stuart Ritchie and Tricia Youtan regarding concerns being raised regarding an incident at the level crossing on Friday evening.

Tackling Climate Change

The recent environmental protests in London were part of a deep fear of the consequences for the world of Climate Change. I see this concern daily in talking to constituents but especially in the emails I receive from schools.