Jeremy Quin Meets GLF Schools Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer

I met Jon Chaloner, Chief Executive, and Sarah Lynagh, Chief Operating Officer, of GLF Schools to discuss the newly opened Kilnwood Vale Primary School.

It was great to hear from Jon and Sarah how the school has already become an important part of the Kilnwood Vale community.

A Week In Politics

Politics isn’t meant to be easy.  What is determined matters to the country and its citizens and passions can run high, though the vast majority of people with whom I have ever spent time, of all party persuasions, do so out of a genuine desire to improve peoples’ lives. 

Jeremy Quin Attends Launch of Horsham Distiller’s New Gin

It was a pleasure to attend the launch of Cabin Pressure Spirits’ new Serpent Gin.

The launch took place at Horsham’s Crates Local, who provide a wonderful selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables all plastic free!


Keeping Rail Services on the Right Track

I have campaigned continuously since I was first elected in 2015 for a better local rail and this column all too often has been focussed on issues we need to get right. Many remain but it is nonetheless important to recognise real improvements to the service – and these are happening.

Congratulations to our A Level Students

Summer, for most students, is a relaxing six week break from school. But for A Level and GCSE students, Summer can be a nervous time waiting for results day!

Congratulations to A-Level Students!

Congratulations to all students who collected their A-Level results yesterday!

Results locally were excellent, with both Collyers and The Weald achieving an A Level pass rate of 99 per cent!

Delivering for Residents

Taking time out of their summer holidays, many young people are undertaking their National Citizenship Service.