Jeremy Quin's Maiden Speech

Every five years there is a Parliamentary ritual which involves every new MP making a maiden speech.  In the past this was a leisurely affair in which new MPs would often wait years before making their first contribution.  I would not expect my constituents to be as patient!

Trains, Planes and Automobiles - An update

Parliament was officially opened Wednesday.  By the time the County Times is published we will know the Bills the Government will bring forward over the next year.  However whatever the national agenda of the day its local issues that will dominate my diary.Fellow Sussex and Surrey MPs and I will

Westminster Update from Jeremy Quin

My 7 year old nephew was very excited by the election campaign “is it true” he asked “have the Conservatories won?”.  Not quite but it was certainly “conservatory” weather for the Horsham Hospital Fete on Saturday and a pleasure to meet Fete Chairman, Geoff Pearce and his volunteers who put on a

Jeremy's First Column in the County Times

Last Friday a thin strip of light stretched across the UK from points south to the most northerly tip of Scotland.  It had nothing to do with the climactic events of the previous night.  Instead those beacons, lit for “VE” Day, marked the sacrifices made by my grandparents’ generation.  It was wh