Around the Weald: Celebrating International Success

It was a great pleasure to join teachers from The Weald School when they recently accepted the British Council’s prestigious International School Award in recognition of the school's work to "bring the world into the classroom".


Financial Inclusion

Occasionally politics goes through periods of high drama. This week the Commons is sitting into the early hours on the EU Withdrawal Bill and the inevitably tense negotiations on Brexit are ongoing in Brussels.

A Budget for Growth

Growth, housing and sensible finance were the three themes of last week’s Budget.

Rising to the Challenge of the Future

Sunday afternoon was an important day in the local Scout’s calendar. The Scouts are thriving in our District and many gathered at Forest School to receive Chief Scout’s Awards.


The lessons of history

There was a huge turnout in Carfax for Remembrance Sunday. It is a short yet moving ceremony – preceding the service at St Marys.


Turning the Interest Rate Cycle

Last week the Bank of England raised base rates for the first time in 10 years. As so often with economic decisions it is easy to argue whether this is a good or bad decision. Many will do so. Some no doubt will agree with both statements!


Horsham Matters

Last week in the Commons there was a closing debate on war memorials and I was pleased to be able to refer to the individual plaques being put up on the houses of those who died in the Great War from Crawley Down.

Helping people into work

On last week’s figures unemployment locally remains very low indeed. This reflects the national picture with the lowest unemployment since 1975.

On-Line Protection

Saturday last week and the “Rebel Makers Club” organised and run by Hack Horsham were having huge fun coding, creating programmes and operating robots in the HDC offices.

Refill, Renew, Refresh, Repair

Last week was Quaker Awareness week and I enjoyed visiting the Friends’ Meeting House in Worthing Road. The building dates from 1785 replacing an earlier structure built in 1693 after the law was changed to “tolerate” non-conformist worship.