Emergency Coronavirus Bill

Today, the Government will introduce the Emergency Coronavirus Bill to Parliament. The Bill, jointly agreed with the devolved administrations of the UK, gives us the power to fight the virus with everything we’ve got.

Council Services and Coronavirus

Residents should check Horsham District Council’s website for the latest information regarding HDC services during this time.

School Closures

Today the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education announced changes to the operations of educational settings as a result of the pandemic.

The Government is committed to following medical advice at every step as we fight against the virus to save lives.

Horsham District Council Waste Disposal Advice and Coronavirus

Horsham District Council are informing residents that waste from households with possible cases of coronavirus, or from cleaning areas where possible cases have been (this includes disposable cloths and tissues) should be dealt with in a particular way.

Chancellor of the Exchequer on Economic Response to Coronavirus

Yesterday the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced further support in terms of the economic response to coronavirus.

The Chancellor has made available an initial £330 billion of guarantees- equivalent to 15% of our GDP. 

DWP Face-to-Face Assessments and Coronavirus

I have been advised that the DWP, out of concern for the health of both DWP staff and claimants, are from 17th March suspending all scheduled face-to-face assessments for health and disability related benefits with immediate effect for the next three months.

FCO Travel Advice Regarding Coronavirus

Today the Foreign Secretary made a statement regarding foreign travel and the Coronavirus.

Please find the Foreign Secretary’s speech below.

Keeping us Safe

It has been a huge honour to be appointed as a Defence Minister.  One of the many things that broadly unites us across the country and across the political divide is a pride in our armed forces and what they achieve both in times of peace and war.  Our objective in maintaining them and close alli