Weekly Article from Jeremy Quin

“Well at least I can start watching the news again” was the reaction of one constituent in Carfax on Saturday!  After 5 long weeks of campaigning, and the many weeks of political infighting that preceded it we can, I hope, look forward not only to Christmas but to a period of settled Government. 

Winter Gritting - Decision Reversed

Further to my statement of 4th December and representations made to the new leadership of the County Council I am delighted that a spokesperson for WSCC has announced that it has decided to reverse the decision on gritting. 

Winter Gritting

Since the publication of the West Sussex County Council’s Winter Plans for gritting I have been approached by a number of residents expressing specific concerns about individual routes.

Tackling Climate Change

I am proud that last year was the greenest year ever for the supply of energy with 33 per cent coming from renewable sources (up from 6.9 per cent in 2009). Over the same period we have shrunk our carbon emissions by 29 per cent while continuing to grow our economy.

Local Services

I write in the immediate aftermath of the House of Commons voting to hold an early General Election.  Subject to the Bill completing all its stages Election Day will be 12th December.

Statement Regarding the Proposed Incinerator

This week the Appeal against the decision taken by West Sussex County Council to reject the proposed Incinerator planned by Britaniacrest will begin to be heard in Horsham.

 Jeremy Quin, the MP for Horsham has issued the following statement,