Parliamentary Approval of the Final Terms for Leaving the EU

Thank you for contacting me about parliamentary approval of the final terms for leaving the EU. Thank you for also bringing to my attention the Westmister Hall Debate on the 11th December which I attended.

The Government has announced that a new Bill will be introduced to implement the withdrawal agreement so that the deal that the UK reaches with the EU can be put directly into UK domestic law. This includes the agreement reached on citizens' rights, the financial settlement and the implementation period.

This also means that MPs will be able to debate, scrutinise and vote on the final agreement made with the EU. The commitment provided to both Houses of Parliament that they will have a meaningful vote on the final deal will not be affected. This will take place as soon as the deal agreed and before the European Parliament votes on it. There can be no doubt that Parliament will have a full opportunity to have its say on the final agreement.

The Government has listened and will continue to listen to suggestions from Members of Parliament to improve the legislation relating to the UK's exit from the EU. Legislators should work together to ensure that the UK can pursue a smooth and stable exit from the EU. This is in everyone's interest and an example was set this week when amendments were agreed allowing the UK to delay our departure beyond 29th March 2019 in line with the provisions of Article 50 if this is agreed unanimously with the other 27 EU states.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.