Testing and Support for the NHS

We agree with the WHO that testing is critical. 

The UK has tested more people than almost any other major economy outside of China, South Korea and Italy.

We are increasing our testing capabilities yet further.

We have already increased the number of tests to 5,000 a day and this is now on its way to 10,000 and then radically further.

Ventilation is mission critical to treating this disease and we have been buying up ventilation equipment since the start of the crisis.

Advanced manufacturers, have responded to our call to join a national effort to produce the ventilators we need.

They know that we will buy all the ventilators they manufacture.


Testing for Coronavirus

The Government will increase the number of people tested for COVID-19 to 25,000 hospital patients a day.

The increased capacity is expected to be ready within 4 weeks, with highest-priority cases being tested first.