About Jeremy

Jeremy Quin was first elected as the Member of Parliament for the Horsham constituency in May 2015 and re-elected in June 2017 and again in December 2019. 

He is very actively engaged in the constituency at every level.  In Westminster he particularly focused on issues impacting the constituency.  He has helped convene debates on Southern Rail and on “Fair Funding” in education: drawing on close contact with local schools and personal experience prior to his election as a school governor. Prior to 2015 Jeremy was previously involved in the establishment of a School for autistic students, was chairman of a countryside educational charity and served as an ambassador for the charity “Debate Mate” which encourages competitive debating, especially focusing on improving skills and confidence is less privileged schools.

He is a keen supporter of airport expansion at Heathrow rather than Gatwick.  He believes that expansion at Heathrow is in the national interest – and prevents the having  to  mitigate  the huge strain on local infrastructure that a new runway at Gatwick would create.  He campaigned hard on the issue and was delighted by the Government's decision in favour of expanding Heathrow.  While Jeremy supports the jobs and economic benefit that Gatwick brings to our area he continues to represent constituents on issues such as aircraft noise including the proposed airspace changes over southern England. 

Jeremy was selected by the Parliamentary Conservative Party to serve in his first term on the Work and Pensions Select Committee. Financial Inclusion is an issue close to his heart; he is a former director of a credit union – providing alternative means of accessing banking services and an ethical alternative to “doorstep lending”.  Prior to his election in 2015, he served as a regular overnight volunteer in a homeless shelter.  From January 2016 through to his appointment to the Government in 2018, Jeremy served as a member of the Financial Inclusion Commission a cross-party body which works to improve financial inclusion and as the Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Credit Unions.

Jeremy was appointed by the DWP Select Committee to help investigate the events surrounding the collapse of BHS.  The subsequent report helped deliver a better result for BHS pensioners and prompt the demands for changes to private company governance to protect employees and pensioners.

Jeremy campaigned to “Remain” in the EU Referendum but pledged to honour and implement in the best way possible the decision made by the British people. He has consistently supported the Withdrawal Agreement which would have taken the UK out of the EU in March 2019 but with  a strong and effective  trading relationship.     

Having served as a Parliamentary Private  Secretary in DEXEU.  Jeremy accepted a role in the Government as a member of the Whips Office in July 2018 and was promoted to be a senior Whip in November 2018.  The Whips’ Office manage parliamentary business and act as a conduit between the Government and all Members of Parliament.  On forming his new administration in July 2019 Prime Minister recommended Jeremy to serve as “Comptroller of Her Majesty’s Household”.  The position was first held in 1399 and is derived from the medieval Household office of Controller of the Wardrobe! During his time in this role, Jeremy served as “No.3” in the Whips Office alongside the Chief and Deputy Chief Whip.  As a member of the Royal Household he also had specific duties on various official occasions, such as the State Opening of Parliament.   

In December 2019, the Prime Minister promoted Jeremy to be “Minister for Implementation”, a Parliamentary Under Secretary post in the Cabinet Office. This role is at the heart of Government - helping to drive forward the Government’s ambitious agenda and to optimise the machinery of Government to deliver for the country.

Given the passage of legislation to give effect to the UK’s departure from the European Union this is a particularly interesting time and it is a privilege to serve in this Office.

He also takes a close interest in Economic and Treasury issues.  This follows a professional career as a Company Adviser:  on leaving University he joined NatWest Securities (which later became part of Deutsche Bank) becoming a Managing Director of his firm in 2001. In 2008-2009 at the request of HM Treasury he joined them on secondment serving as Senior Corporate Finance Adviser, assisting them on the UK’s response to the financial crisis.

He was born in Aylesbury and is married to Joanna.  They both knew the constituency well before Jeremy was first selected and have enjoyed making their home in Horsham. 

The son of a primary school teacher and agricultural merchant (later ordained as a Church of England Vicar) Jeremy attended St Albans School before reading History at Oxford.