Jeremy Quin was not returned to Parliament in the General Election held on 4th July 2024. The information below is therefore historic.

Jeremy currently serves as Chair of the influential House of Commons Defence Select Committee. This role enables him to speak not only on behalf of constituents but as the voice of the Defence Committee on matters of key importance for the future of the United Kingdom. The Chairman is elected by the House of Commons as a whole.

Upon being elected as Chair of the Committee, Jeremy commented: 

"The defence of our country is of paramount importance, and we face profound challenges at the present time. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific have increased global risk. As the world becomes more dangerous, we must face up to the challenges it presents.

Locally we have thousands of resident veterans and many more with an affiliation to the armed forces. The defence industry is an important employer locally and across the UK and it is critical that the right investment keeps us safe, maintains jobs and spreads prosperity. The extraordinary men and women that make up our armed forces must have the capabilities they require to keep us safe in an ever more hazardous world and we need to ensure the Defence “Offer” retains experienced service personnel and attracts the talent of the future.

I hope to draw on my past experience to help the Committee do a good job for the House and country in scrutinising UK Defence. I have seen how effective select committees can be having been closely engaged in the DWP Select Committee’s joint investigation into the BHS Pension Schemes, which led to changes in regulation. I will also be able to draw on my Ministerial experience, especially as Minister of State in the Ministry of Defence, in working alongside an experienced and authoritative team of Committee members.”


Jeremy Quin Speaks in War Graves Week Debate

This week is War Graves Week which the Commons marked with a debate on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission yesterday. I felt honoured to take part and in closing to quote my constituent Normandy Veteran Robert Piper.

Jeremy Quin Speaks in Defence Debate

In the last debate the House held on defence I pressed the case for the Government to set out a trajectory for reaching 2.5 per cent of GDP on defence investment. I was delighted that this has now been set out by the Government and we need other allies to follow.

Investing in Defence to Keep us Safe

I welcomed the Government’s announcement last week of an increase in defence spending to 2.5% of GDP. This will result in an additional £77bn for defence over the next six years. 

Jeremy Quin Asks Question at Statement on Defence Spending

It’s been a busy 48 hours for Defence. As Chairman of the Defence Select Committee I have been keenly pushing the Committee’s report “Ready for War” which advocates improved readiness in our Armed Forces to keep us safe, deter aggression and reduce the risk of conflict.

Jeremy Quin Asks PM Question on Iran/Israel

We live in an ever more dangerous world in which missile and drone technology is proliferating - I asked the PM today to ensure our own air defence capabilities are up to the growing threat.

A Busy Week!

May I start by wishing everyone a Happy Easter.  Whether it is, in itself, a source of inspiration and joy as it is to many or simply a time to relax with family and friends it comes at a time of year when renewal and spring is in the air! 

Jeremy Quin Questions PM on Defence Issues

The Prime Minister today appeared before the Liaison Committee which is formed of all the chairs of the Select Committees, each asking questions about their specialist areas.

Newsnight Interview on Armed Forces Readiness

I appeared on Newsnight this week who are picking up the really important issue of how ready our armed forces are to meet the most difficult threats: including the worst case scenario of a wider war in Europe.

Jeremy Quin Leads Armed Forces Readiness Debate

Parliament has an incredibly important job to hold Government to account for the big calls that need to be made in the national interest. The most important of these is making certain that we stay safe and well defended, deterring aggressors from attacking our allies and our interests.