Supporting Our Local Economy

Many people live in Horsham and work further afield but Jeremy believes it is vital that Horsham remains a thriving economic unit in its own right, as it has been for hundreds of years.

Health and Wellbeing in the Horsham Area

Jeremy is totally committed to supporting our National Health Service and ensuring we continue to enjoy excellent healthcare, free at the point of delivery. He is fully engaged locally in promoting the expansion of the NHS and the evolution of its services to meet the needs of our area and its expanding population.

Exiting the EU

When it was brought before the Commons, Jeremy supported the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the United Kingdom with the 27 remaining EU states.  He believes it represents a sensible and pragmatic route to leaving the EU while avoiding damaging economic dislocation.

Gatwick Issues

Gatwick Airport is a major provider of employment and business activity to the entire area.  Jeremy is keen to work with the airport in the interests of the community and expects them to act as a good neighbour.

Supporting Local Schools

Jeremy is a great supporter of our local schools. He regularly visits schools in the constituency and enjoys meeting teachers and students to discuss a range of topics.  Prior to the dissolution of Parliament on 6th November 2019, Jeremy enjoyed meeting local school visits to Parliament.  

Action on Railways

There are thousands of people using not only Horsham station itself but also, among others within the constituency Billingshurst, Christ’s Hospital, Littlehaven, Warnham, Faygate and Balcombe stations for whom a regular, reliable service is absolutely critical.