Celebrating the Year of Culture

The welcome at the launch on Saturday in Horsham Park for the Horsham District “Year of Culture” was as warm as the temperature was cold!  It was a great celebration of what is a superb endeavour.

Article 03.01.19

I wish you a happy new year,  conscious that internationally, 2019 starts on an unsettled note. 

The U.K. is focussed on Brexit and the concerns and opportunities this represents.

Wishing you a Happy New Year

I hope readers have enjoyed a peaceful Christmas.  This is the week in which our TV screens and papers will be dominated by reviews of 2018 and looking forward to the year ahead.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas

Last Sunday St Marys was busy with expectant people.  The lights were dimmed and two soloists from the wonderful church choir started the Carols.  It is a ritual which never loses its excitement.  The Nine Lessons and Carols means that we are finally nearing Christmas itself.  I was so glad to be

Brexit Update

On Friday I attended St Mary’s Primary School in Horsham where I was deeply impressed by not only the questions but the topics covered –including Financial Inclusion, Gatwick and Autism.  As always when visiting schools I emphasised that parliament was about debate and persuasion and that where d

Confidence Vote in the Prime Minister

I was extremely disappointed to hear that colleagues have submitted letters requesting a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister as Leader of the Conservative Party.

Training for the Future

It is always particularly satisfying to see an endeavour that sounds great in theory really working out in practice.  In September I attended the Horsham Jobs and Skills fair where a record 42 employers were exhibiting:  applications were being invited and the emphasis was very much on apprentice

At work in Horsham

It was a particular pleasure last week to get out and about in Horsham for a busy weekend of constituency engagements.  MPs rightly focus time and energy in Parliament, especially on issues that produce fiercely differing views but for most Parliamentarians time spent with constituents engaged in

The EU Withdrawal Agreement

Honouring the result of the Referendum we will leave the EU on 29th March 2019.  We will re-assert UK sovereignty but are determined to maintain as much of the benefit of our economic links with the EU as possible.