Jeremy Quin Meets the Head Commissioner of ICCAN

I met, in Westminster, Robert Light the Head Commissioner of ICCAN (the Independent Commission of Civil Aviation Noise) to discuss noise issues arising from Gatwick Airport.

Challenges in Horsham and Westminster

The attack at the skatepark in Horsham Park this week is hugely shocking.  It is not what we expect in our town and will be deeply concerning to all - but especially young people and their parents.

These incidents are rare but any attack of this nature is extremely serious. 

Stabbing in Horsham Skatepark

I was deeply concerned to hear of the stabbing on Monday night of a 16-year-old boy in Horsham skatepark.  This is a very shocking incident and my thoughts are with the victim, his family and friends.

Horsham Schools Receive Major Funding Uplift

The National Fair Funding Formula already introduced by this Government is a fairer and more transparent system and for example provides extra support to children who have a difficult start in life or speak English as a second language. 

Brexit Update

Following the result of the Brexit Referendum I have consistently supported respecting that vote through an orderly withdrawal on the basis of an agreed deal.

A Queen's Speech to Remember

In a long Queen’s Speech delivered on Monday the Government has set out a host of proposed bills to be introduced this year.