NHS Survey

As your local Member of Parliament, I know how important access to healthcare is. We depend on the NHS to look after us when we need them and we are all incredibly grateful for the tireless work of the NHS during Covid.

Local statistics suggest residents are healthier than the national average and enjoy longer life expectancy. We all expect prompt access to GP appointments, I recognise this is a source of concern, although patients’ experience locally does vary considerably.  

I would like to build as full a picture as possible on local healthcare concerns. I will share the results of my survey with local Sussex NHS leaders and the South East Coast Ambulance Service, both of whom I meet regularly and for whom I know this is a real focus.

To help secure an accurate picture of your own experience and views, I would be grateful if you would kindly complete my short survey below.

Thank you for helping me to help you. I want us to work together to make our area an even better place to live!

NHS Survey

  • Current GP Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Dental Services
  • A&E
  • 999 and 111
  • Comments
  • Your details
Are you registered at a local GP practice?
In the last 12 months have you had an appointment at your GP practice?
Typically, how easy has it been for you to contact your GP practice by phone?
Have you ever booked a GP appointment online?
Generally, how happy have you been with the GP consultation, however you booked it?
Would you recommend your GP practice to your family or friends?