Jeremy Quin Visits the Newly Reopened Leonardslee Gardens

It was a pleasure to visit Leonardslee Gardens near Horsham and to meet Penny and Adam Streeter. The reopening is an extraordinary achievement. It was so good to see the gardens up and running again (in my early days as an MP I used to receive letters from across the U.K from visitors who had been to the gardens in the past and were upset by their closure). The “Mansion” is also thriving- offering cream tea and dinners.

Penny and Adam have high hopes of the Pinotage vineyard and for Leonardslee being very much on the Sussex “wine map”.

With 120 employees and an anticipated ½ million annual visitors the reopened Leonardsleee is a huge boon to the local economy and asset to the area.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Quin with Penny and Adam Streeter.