Green Horsham

I am regularly contacted by constituents concerned about the future of our planet and our environment. I am proud of the work the Government is doing to commit us to net zero, leading the world in combatting climate change and I always appreciate constituents taking the time to contact me on these issues.

I am equally delighted by the immense efforts being taken locally to tackle climate change. Some of our the fantastic initiatives include:

I am always interested in meeting local groups tackling climate change to hear what they are doing locally and how they think the Government can help.

Please see below for regular updates on making Horsham green.


World Bee Day 2022

Today was World Bee Day. There are 24 species of bumblebee, around 260 species of solitary bees and 1 species of honeybee in the UK.

Neighbourhood Wardens move to Hybrid Vehicles

It is great to hear that Horsham District Council Wardens have moved from petrol to hybrid vehicles to protect our local environment. The new vehicles consume less fuel and emit less C02 than a comparable petrol or diesel-engine car. 

Boosting Biodiversity

I was delighted to meet Jake, the HDC Countryside Ecology Manager alongside Cllr Roger Noel at the Warnham Nature Reserve this week to see the reserve’s brand new Discovery Hub and Hide which was open for visitors in October 2021.

COP26 Shifting the Dial

The global covid pandemic has caused so much heart ache and economic pain.  It is however really positive that as we slowly emerge the UK’s unemployment rate fell to 4.3% in October – near pre-pandemic levels – and that is despite despite the end of the furlough scheme.  The total number of jobs

Forcing the Pace to Stop Global Warming

In my lifetime the climate has changed.  It has done so at a pace few imagined possible.  If we project forward that change, and without effective action we must, the consequences are horrific.  For everyone conscious of the legacy we leave for future generations – and I hope that’s all of us – t

Jeremy Quin Visits the Horsham Repair Cafe

Delighted to see the Repair Cafe and Sussex Living Green Hub up and running again in the United Reformed Church, Springfield Road yesterday. It will be back on the last Saturday every month. 24 items repaired and gallons of eco washing liquid safely dispatched!

Jeremy Quin Visits Wakehurst Gardens

It was great to visit Wakehurst Gardens. Despite the pandemic they have had a record number of visitors who were able to visit in a Covid safe way.