Supporting Our Local Economy

Many people live in Horsham and work further afield but Jeremy believes it is vital that Horsham remains a thriving economic unit in its own right, as it has been for hundreds of years.

Jeremy actively supports local businesses and enjoys meeting the Local Enterprise Partnership, Business Groups and employers to discuss their future plans and the impact their businesses have on the local and national economy.

Nationally, employment is at a record high with more people in work than ever before. This pattern is reflected in Horsham –currently around 1.3% of the economically active population are unemployed and claiming benefits, well below the national figure of  3.3% (itself the lowest rate  of unemployment since the early 1970s). This means that Horsham has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country (rated around 600 out of 650 constituencies).  

Jeremy attends employment events in Horsham and is always keen to discuss the benefits of different employment options, such as apprenticeships and graduate schemes. Jeremy also regularly meets the team at the Job Centre Plus to find out how they are supporting people in their journey into employment.  This has been an ongoing interest since Jeremy served on the DWP Select Committee. 

Jeremy is fully aware of the importance a strong local economy has on the local community and will continue to support local businesses in the area.


Jeremy Quin Visits The Capitol

It was a pleasure to visit the Capitol  to hear about their current programme - all supported by Covid precautions.

During the enforced closure,  staff have made impressive improvements to The Capitol. 


Photo Credit: Jeremy Quin Visited The Capitol in Horsham.

Jeremy Quin Visits the REC

I was pleased to be able to visit The REC to hear about how, after the recent Government announcement, bowling is back at the REC. 

Eat Out to Help Out

As I write we await a spate of economic statistics.  These include employment numbers – on which we as a country have consistently outperformed major economies, especially our European peers, for a decade – and economic growth.

Young Peoples Jobs for the Future

This week the Government announced legal changes that will allow the UK to scrutinise a far wider number of potential foreign takeovers of strategic British businesses.  We have existing means to protect critical defence assets.  However Coronavirus has highlighted the vital strategic nature of m

Looking Forward to Our Shops Re-Opening

In the coming week we will see  “non-essential” shops beginning to reopen in our high streets.  Just as in supermarkets there will be social distancing,  routes will be planned to aid circulation and the number of people “in store” will be regulated.

Getting the Economy Back on Track

Last week I held a series of calls on the economic effect of Covid on our local economy, among them with our Local Enterprise Partnership and with Job Centre Plus.

Jeremy Quin Meets the Association of British Riding Schools

It was a pleasure to meet the Association of British Riding Schools at their head-quarters near Shipley.

It is always great to see organisations and businesses that are based locally within Horsham operating on the national stage.


Jeremy Quin Meets Local Farmers

It was a pleasure to join local farmers from around West Sussex as well as other West Sussex MPs to discuss a range of issues.

Amongst them was the Agriculture Bill and rural policing.

Spreading Opportunity

Last week, I greatly enjoyed visiting Wellies 2 Work, based at Pear Tree Farm a 33-acre organic working farm between Billingshurst and Barns Green. 

Helping Town Centres to Thrive

It was a pleasure to visit Horsham Museum on Saturday and see Jeremy Knight who does a great job in presenting a constantly evolving pattern of exhibitions.