Supporting Our Local Economy

Many people live in Horsham and work further afield but Jeremy believes it is vital that Horsham remains a thriving economic unit in its own right, as it has been for hundreds of years.

Jeremy actively supports local businesses and enjoys meeting the Local Enterprise Partnership, Business Groups and employers to discuss their future plans and the impact their businesses have on the local and national economy.

Nationally, employment is at a record high with more people in work than ever before. This pattern is reflected in Horsham –currently around 1.3% of the economically active population are unemployed and claiming benefits, well below the national figure of  3.3% (itself the lowest rate  of unemployment since the early 1970s). This means that Horsham has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country (rated around 600 out of 650 constituencies).  

Jeremy attends employment events in Horsham and is always keen to discuss the benefits of different employment options, such as apprenticeships and graduate schemes. Jeremy also regularly meets the team at the Job Centre Plus to find out how they are supporting people in their journey into employment.  This has been an ongoing interest since Jeremy served on the DWP Select Committee. 

Jeremy is fully aware of the importance a strong local economy has on the local community and will continue to support local businesses in the area.


Recognising The Need For Care While Keeping Our Economy Buzzing

I know that last week’s Covid news from South Africa and the WHO response will have concerned many. We do not yet know enough about the new covid variant, Omicron, but it’s right that the Government acted swiftly to look to minimise the impact of this new strain.

Boosting Local Jobs and Skills

I am acutely aware that local fuel supplies are far from back to normal.  However with reserve tankers deployed, the Armed Forces drivers  having started on Monday and the simple fact that a lot of “normal” demand and more was met in the initial demand spike we will see ongoing improvements.   

Jeremy Quin Attends Horsham Jobs Fair

Good to see Pirion - who are recruiting locally and are active members of the Horsham Kickstart programme - at the Horsham Jobs Fair run by Horsham District Council in the Drill Hall.

Many employers at this successful annual event and lots of interest.


Helping Young People and the Economy to Thrive

Last week I attended the formal opening of the Y-Wish Youth Hub in Swan Walk. It was good to see the Hub, which has been quietly active in recent months during the lockdown, coming into its own.

Jeremy Quin Visits The Sussex Travel Company

I visited the Sussex Travel Company in Horsham who have been established and based in the town since 2015.

It has been an incredibly difficult time for the travel industry and I am very conscious of the impact on Gatwick and the broader sector.  

Jeremy Quin Attends Opening of the Y-Wish Youth Hub

I was delighted to attend the formal opening of the Y-Wish Youth Hub in Swan Walk. The Hub has been quietly active during lockdown offering employment support to those aged 18-24. Young people in this age group have been particularly hard hit by unemployment as a result of the pandemic.

Jeremy Quin Visits The Burger Shop

It was a pleasure on Friday to meet Josh the manager at the new The Burger Shop in Piries Place, one of a significant number of new shops, bars and restaurants opening around Horsham.

Jeremy Quin Visits the New Trafalgar Post Office

Great to meet the team at the new Trafalgar Post Office. It’s great to see a local community post office being re-established, a place where people can post parcels and letters, but also use other services and withdraw cash. We wish them well!

Jeremy Quin Visits Wakehurst Gardens

It was great to visit Wakehurst Gardens. Despite the pandemic they have had a record number of visitors who were able to visit in a Covid safe way.

Jeremy Quin Visits Kangarooz in Warnham

It was great to be able to visit Kangarooz in Warnham last week who were busy making signs for Goodwood Festival later next week.

They have had a tough time like so many businesses but kept going throughout the pandemic and are increasingly busy.