Crime Survey

Whether it be anti-social behaviour, dangerous driving or burglary; crime can deeply impact communities. We should all feel safe when at home or out and about in our local area.

We live in a relatively safe area of the country but crime patterns can change quickly and there is never room for complacency.  In 2022 Sussex Police recruited an additional net 196 new officers and plans to recruit a further 176 this year. It is great that Sussex is benefiting from having more officers but it is very important that we help ensure those officers are focussed to have the best effect on our communities:  to reassure, to prevent and prosecute crime. 

We all need to be conscious of how criminals seek to exploit opportunities including being careful online. West Sussex County Council have produced useful resources on staying safe online and run regular online safety training events:

I am keen to hear from residents their thoughts and experiences of crime locally and would be grateful if you could fill out the survey below. I remain focussed on ensuring Horsham and the wider area is a safe place for everyone and these responses will help me with my ongoing conversations with our local police team.

Please fill out my survey on crime below

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Have you personally encountered anti-social behaviour in your neighbourhood/village or Horsham town centre in the last 12 months?
How satisfied are you with the visibility of your local police?
Where would you most like to see more investment in policing?