Crime Survey


Results of my Crime Survey

I am very grateful to the well over 1,000 residents who responded to the crime survey on my website. Naturally, those who are more worried about crime are more likely to have filled it out and therefore I wouldn’t want to present this as a scientific survey. However, given the numbers who took the trouble to complete the survey it is a really valuable tool for my ongoing discussions with the police on concerns felt locally around crime.

I have already discussed the results with the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, and I am sharing them in detail with the Chief Constable. 
Statistically Horsham has lower levels of crime than Sussex as a whole, and is far below national averages. We are determined to keep it that way. As the number of police officers continue to grow, it is important that Horsham gets its fair distribution of resources and can draw on wider support when needed. I have seen these resources for myself when I joined our local team for a night shift in Horsham.

The survey results showed clear concern about antisocial behaviour and vulnerability to crime at night. Respondents wanted to see the increased levels of police more visible, especially in Horsham town centre. You can find a link to a special edition of my newsletter in which I discuss the results of the survey here:

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Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

In the survey on crime I recently held on my website I specifically asked if respondents had personally encountered anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the last 12 months.

Horsham Town Centre Update

Incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour and crime in the town centre of Horsham has been a real concern for constituents.