Southern Water Outage Survey

As residents will know, many Southern Water customers in the Horsham District were affected by a recent water outage starting on the evening of Saturday 13th May.

There are clear points on which Southern Water can learn from this incident;  how they communicate with customers, how they support vulnerable customers on their priority register lists and how they support those with livestock.

I am very keen to get feedback from those affected by the outage and filling out this survey will help me with my ongoing conversations with Southern Water.

Southern Water Outage

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1. Were you affected by the Southern Water outage in May 2023?
2. Did you receive a text from Southern Water?
3. How did you learn about the details of the outage and follow updates?
4. Did you call the Southern Water's helpline?
5. If yes, did you get through?
6. If yes, how long did it take to get through?
7. Are you on Southern Water’s Vulnerable Customer Priority Customer List?
8. If yes, when did you receive a delivery of bottled water?
9. Did you attend any of the bottled water stations?
10. If yes, which bottled water station did you attend?
11. If you have livestock (i.e cattle/ horses) were you contacted directly by Southern Water?
12. If you are a local business owner, was your business impacted the outage?
13. Aside from this incident have you experienced any other water outages in the last 12 months
14. Have you reported leaks to Southern Water in the last 12 months?
15. If you have said yes to either questions 13 and 14, how would you rate the service you received from Southern Wated?


Southern Water Update- Apology Letters and Goodwill Payments

Southern Water have informed me that from this week they will be sending letters of apology and details of goodwill payments that will be made to affected customers. These letters should be arriving this week and payments will arrive as credits to customers' accounts by the end of this week.

The Water Outage- Lessons to be Learned

The water outage was deeply troubling for all affected. Being without water for any period is a real worry – especially those who do not have access to transport, who are vulnerable themselves or caring for others.

Southern Water Outage

This page is to provide regular updates on the water outage currently affecting large parts of the Horsham District.