Link to Government information on Coronavirus:

Link to NHS information on Coronavirus: 

Coronavirus is the most serious public health emergency that we have faced for a generation.

The actions of Public Health England and the NHS have already been exemplary.  During the initial phase the tracing of individuals in contact with those who have been infected has been highly effective.

These actions have slowed the spread of the virus in the UK.  They are one of the reasons why the UK is currently behind the rates of infection elsewhere in Europe.  This has bought us more time (at a point when the NHS traditionally faces high demand) to increase resilience.

We conducted our approach to tracing on the basis of the best available medical advice.  We will continue to act on that same advice.  At every stage the Government will take proportionate action.  Our objective is to protect and keep safe our citizens.

We will be asking people to take difficult steps to protect themselves and help others.  We are doing so because these steps are necessary to safeguard the health of vulnerable people and to reduce the spread of the virus.

Advice will be updated regularly as this evolves.  The link to Government information is above.  It contains detailed information and I would encourage everyone with concerns to read through what it contains.

I set out key points in the nearby tabs but PLEASE refer to the Government website above, the information it contains is more detailed and will be regularly updated as medical advice evolves to meet the threat.

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Remembering Korea

Last Thursday marked the 70th Anniversary of the start of the Korean War - the last involving tens of thousands of British national servicemen.  I was privileged to take part in the commemorations at the National Arboretum in Staffordshire alongside the South Korean Ambassador.

Young Peoples Jobs for the Future

This week the Government announced legal changes that will allow the UK to scrutinise a far wider number of potential foreign takeovers of strategic British businesses.  We have existing means to protect critical defence assets.  However Coronavirus has highlighted the vital strategic nature of m

Easing Lockdown

“Sussex Day” took place on Tuesday this week and it is great to have a specific annual focus to celebrate Sussex’s heritage and for residents to share what they like about our wonderful county.

Update on British Airways

I have been closely following the actions of British Airways on behalf of constituents.  I spoke to my  Sussex colleague, Huw Merriman, the Chairman  of the  Transport Select Committee, before  he secured the Commons debate on the aviation sector and was delighted that he was able to do so.  

Looking Forward to Our Shops Re-Opening

In the coming week we will see  “non-essential” shops beginning to reopen in our high streets.  Just as in supermarkets there will be social distancing,  routes will be planned to aid circulation and the number of people “in store” will be regulated.

A Thank You To Teachers and Volunteers

Many local schools have expanded their intake this week and others plan to do so shortly.  Parents and pupils will be enormously grateful to heads, teachers and other members of staff for making this possible.

Getting the Economy Back on Track

Last week I held a series of calls on the economic effect of Covid on our local economy, among them with our Local Enterprise Partnership and with Job Centre Plus.

Stay Alert

Last week the Prime Minister set out a road map through which we can very carefully return closer towards normality. It is a slow and deliberate process.