Blood Donations and COVID-19

I have been contacted by NHS Blood and Transplant. They need people who are fit and healthy to keep donating as normal. They have received a lot of calls asking if sessions are still going ahead. They have advised that their sessions and donor centres are still open and that travel to a blood donation session is essential for the NHS.

I understand that whilst donations have dropped, the stock levels are currently good because hospitals are cancelling routine operations. NHS Blood and Transplant need people to keep donating to make sure they can keep supplying the blood hospitals need in the coming weeks and months.

I further understand that extra safety measures have been put in place with extra cleaning and triaging everyone who arrives so only people with no risk factors can enter the donation area.

NHS Blood and Transplant are regularly reviewing the situation and working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care, PHE, and the UK’s other blood donation services.

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