A view from Westminster - Jeremy Quin

West Sussex MPs are working together as a great a team and I was delighted that the Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, agreed this week that we should look afresh at the schools funding formula. For many years it has unfairly penalised our local schools.  I will be meeting her with a delegation of  local MPs and it is good to get this on the agenda right at the start of the parliament.  Any changes to the funding formula will, across the country, have losers as well as winners but we need a plan of action for correcting what has become an unfair settlement.  Not that anyone would know that is the case from excellent students that are coming through our schools. 

A thank you to Horsham chairities

My Great Grandfather was an Army Chaplain in the Great War.  Unlike so many he returned from the trenches and a family photo shows him blessing his village’s war memorial in 1922.  He is surrounded by the mothers, wives, children of those who had been lost in the conflict.  It was a privilege, nearly 100 years later, to be asked to take part in a similar ceremony in Crawley Down on Saturday where a new war memorial was unveiled in the heart of the village. Whilst first hand memory of the impact of the Great War dims there were villagers there whose close relatives did not return from the Second World War and whose names are inscribed. 

Jeremy Quin's Maiden Speech

Every five years there is a Parliamentary ritual which involves every new MP making a maiden speech.  In the past this was a leisurely affair in which new MPs would often wait years before making their first contribution.  I would not expect my constituents to be as patient! In the few weeks since the election, among many activities in the constituency and Westminster: I have gone a long way towards setting up an office to serve constituents; met with the Rail Minister to insist she forces action to improve local services; submitted, jointly with fellow concerned MPs, a contribution to the Air Quality Consultation; and progressed, in many cases resolved, dozens of pieces of casework.  Each of these is incredibly important to those writing-in but none could be progressed during the election campaign. 

Trains, planes and automobiles - An update

Parliament was officially opened Wednesday.  By the time the County Times is published we will know the Bills the Government will bring forward over the next year.  However whatever the national agenda of the day its local issues that will dominate my diary. 

Westminster Update from Jeremy Quin

My 7 year old nephew was very excited by the election campaign “is it true” he asked “have the Conservatories won?”.  Not quite but it was certainly “conservatory” weather for the Horsham Hospital Fete on Saturday and a pleasure to meet Fete Chairman, Geoff Pearce and his volunteers who put on a great event.

Jeremy's first column in the County Times

Last Friday a thin strip of light stretched across the UK from points south to the most northerly tip of Scotland.  It had nothing to do with the climactic events of the previous night.  Instead those beacons, lit for “VE” Day, marked the sacrifices made by my grandparents’ generation.  It was what they did in defeating fascism that ensured we are still deciding our country’s future at the ballot box.