Easter a Time for Optimism

Easter is a time for new projects and new beginnings.

There have been harrowing events overseas and closer to home.  However even in the darkest of moments there lies the prospect of renewal.

The Good Samaritan

For those who have “given something up” for Lent – the good news is that there is (at time of going to press…) only ten days left and counting…  I am amongst their number but I am always rather more impressed with those who instead of giving something up, take something up and then keep it going!

Attack on London

Wednesday is the busiest day in the Parliamentary week.  This week was no exception with much to do in the chamber.  I was also expecting a special guest – Ray Welton was coming up from Horsham to see his “Horsham Pale” installed on tap in Strangers Bar.


Fair Funding for our schools

The highest profile way an MP can raise an issue for their constituents is through Prime Minister’s Questions.  I had no hesitation last Wednesday in raising school funding with Mrs May.  This is part of a long campaign which started, literally, the week I was first elected. 


Supporting entrepreneurs of the future

Some 14 per cent of those working in Horsham are self-employed – and if you are a budding entrepreneur getting good advice at the outset is invaluable.  For some, best advice can actually be don’t do it – or at least don’t do it yet!  However for many there is a real opportunity and getting the b

Local Charity inspiring lives at home and in Africa

It was a pleasure to meet Chris Connors of Coco’s last week.  Chris runs three successful Hair Salons in the County – including in Southwater and Billingshurst.  However the focus of the meeting was his remarkable charity, The Coco’s Foundation.  What it delivers is truly inspiring.


Ending Reoffending

“Law and Order” is an issue on which everyone has a view.  Dreadful crimes demand tough sentences.  Personally I always prefer judges to be given some discretion to decide case by case as to exact sentances rather than Parliament dictating minimum tarriffs for every crime – but the public are rig

Fair Funding - Where we stand

Because of the hard work of many, we benefit locally from some exceptional schools.  Historically these have been underfunded and I am pleased that the Government's introduction of "Fair Funding" will, overall, help address this.

Celebrating Rudgwick's success

It is always great to visit local success stories and I did so last week at the Old Brickworks in Rudgwick the home, among others, of Charmer Cheese and the Firebird Brewery.  Charmer is a brilliant name for a terrific product.  The cheese is locally sourced with all the milk coming from Rudgwick