Tackling Strokes

Many will have seen the recent campaigns focussing on the treatment for strokes. The condition in which the supply of blood to the brain is restricted requires urgent medical attention.

Celebrating Horsham Museum

This month Horsham Museum reaches its 125th anniversary: a remarkable achievement which they will be celebrating formally in November.

Exporting for Success

The global economy is expanding and the good news is that this is being reflected in British export success.  U.K. exportsreached a record high of £616 billion last year.  Exports of goods rose by 13 per cent to £339 billion, while services increased by 7 per cent to £277 billion. 

Harvest Weather

For anyone who is my age this summer (until the weekend) brought back memories of the long and very hot summer of our childhood.  1976 was remarkable.

Summer Holidays and Summer Aircraft Noise

Schools have now broken up and it was a pleasure to see both ends of the age spectrum last week; the wonderful all-age Trinity Cricket Club at Victory Road Rec with lots of young girls and boys (starting as young as 4!) getting into the game and clearly enjoying it.  The Horsham National Citizens

Local Life Savers

It was great to see all three Cadet Corps represented at Horsham’s “Armed Forces Sunday” (and I was pleased to give the event a mention in Commons’ Defence Questions!)

Leaving the EU and Delivering a Future Relationship

Despite what you may imagine from the fevered reporting, MPs have been conducting business in Parliament  perfectly normally over the last week!  In addition to Parliamentary Questions to the Treasury, Defence and Justice Departments, I spoke in debates on Education (addressing issues of direct r

Getting Timetabling Fixed

While the County Times is more than enough of the papers for many residents (!) those who take the Times may have seen reported this week the campaign being driven forward  by my neighbouring Sussex MPs and me on GTR.  Clearly the priority is to fix the problems but beyond that we want a full add

Billingshurst GP Surgery

Jeremy visited Billingshurst Surgery to discuss their expansion plans on which Jeremy is actively engaged in. The expansion plans have involved a huge amount of engagement at every level with NHS England and the local CCG.